Let’s face it:  The MESH. contributors really, well… mesh together. They are young, opinionated, and have an unmatched focus to see their goals met. The success of the blog in large part is due to their relentless grind for excellence and hustle to provide quality work. The result is a blog that will continue to evolve and grow. They all encompass the ideals and qualities of MESH. and are ready to share the MESHLIFE with the world. Let’s get to know the contributors a little better, shall we?


Aisha Johnson

[The belle with the impressive penhand]

How do you live the MESHLIFE?

I constantly try to out-do myself. Coming up with new ideas and setting new goals is entertaining to me. I grind, for fun.

Music, edge or style?
Music of course .. Music can alter or enhance any mood, therefore giving you a certain feeling–a certain edge, which helps you to exude style that turns heads.

Describe your style in one word.

What’s on your iPod?
What isn’t on my iPod?

One day I will…..
Be the most sought after celebrity publicist …

Inspired by…

Unique and innovative people. I love to talk about the future with people who want to impact it.


Cj Trahan II

[the aspiring filmmaker/photographer]

How do you live the MESHLIFE?

By starters, I’m one of the three folks who invented the word. Ok. Ok. let me not be an ass, I live the MESHLIFE through my ambitions and interaction with others. I like to set impossibly high goals for myself and dare myself to be better than I was yesterday.

Music, edge or style?
Aww, I can’t be Heaven? I would say edge. Everyone listens to music and has some sort of style, but to have those with edge-ah, there’s the winner.

Describe your style in one word.

What’s on your iPod?
What isn’t? (I think it’s going to be the popular answer)

One Day I Will…
Be Oprah. Okay…LIKE Oprah. All I’m saying is that one day I will be a strong force in the media industry. Whatever field I’m in I want to be the Wayne (Edgy) Beyonce (Hated) and Oprah (Praised) of it.

Inspired by…
My family (I know I’m a corny lil bastard).


Aaron Randle

[the one determined to rule Vibe]

How do you live the MESHLIFE?

Ultimately I think MESH is about having that “get up,” that audacity to be great. Everyone wants to be great, speaks of it, dreams of it, etc. but very few do what is actually needed to be great. I live the MESH life by not window shopping. I don’t just look at what I want and wonder. I see it, formulate a plan to attain it, and ultimately not stop until it’s mine

Music, edge or style?
Edge. Music is my life, and style is your personal billboard. But a lot of times it’s the X factor that is most important in whatever you do. A lot of times with me its not what I do but how I do it that gets me places.

Describe your style in one word.

What’s on your iPod?
*See CJ, Aisha’s response.

One day I will…

Be the Aaron Randle that all the other Aaron Randle’s look up to…

Inspired by…
Young people who grind and make serious moves.

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i love you guys. (:

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