Why the MESH. acronym?

MESH. is about incorporating more than just one element. A lot of sites devote their content to fashion and that only, music and that only, art and that only. This is fine. But MESH. wants to expand and reach more than just one type of person; we want to speak to more than just one interest.

This is why we developed our blog:

We mesh together that which we believe most people out there want to know.

Want the new hip hop track or music video? Latest R&B jam? Maybe even the alternative Rock or Indie joint? MESH. delivers.

Want the latest fall/spring/summer lines from all types of clothing designers from haute couture to urban? MESH. delivers.

Hard, headline news? Art? Funny Videos? Witty open-minded commentary? MESH. delivers.

Bottom-line, MESH. is bringing together that which we see our generation loves and needs in their everyday life.

We’re functioning as the voice of our generation. And since we’re not just speaking for one type of person, we don’t think we need to focus on just one thing.

What about the Edge & Heaven?

The Edge of MESH. deals with the swagger in how we do what we do. In today’s society it is those intangibles that give someone the edge over another. Two people can have the exact same things but sometimes it just lies in the small things that makes one just a little bit better than the other. MESH. likes to think everyone has their own potential edge about them and embraces that unique beauty about each individual and our own generation.

And Heaven is simple. It’s the result you get when you successfully combine Music, Edge, and Style.

With so many blogs out there … Why MESH? Why come here before anywhere else?

MESH. prides itself on knowing a lot of it’s information before most other blogs.
Whether it’s the latest models, newest videos, music, or whatever MESH. has proven itself as one of the frontrunners in relaying information to our viewers. Having already had dozens of posts put up before some world famous blogs, it’s clear that the hottest and latest whatever can be found on MESH. before most others.

MESH. doesn’t try to be what we’re not.
A lot of the bloggers out there put themselves on a pedestal and try to push themselves off as more than what they actually are. MESH isn’t about that. We’re doing this not only for ourselves, but for you: the reader. So we feel no need to “act” as if we’re betther than our readers… like we are educating you. Nah,not us. If you want fake bougie you can go to…(hehe)

MESH. is NOT a “window-shopping blog.”
Too many of these blogs out there say they are for today’s generation, for a certain demographic, but ony contribute posts that the viewer can sit and GAWK at with no real hope of experiencing whatever it may be. Yes, MESH. may post the $3000 Chanel Briefcase, $2000 Dylan Python Heels and maybe even a couture line or two, but we’re also going to post clothes that are AFFORDABLE. We’re going talk about the events that YOU can attend even if your last name isn’t Hilton or Trump.
MESH. is about you. Therefore we aren’t superficial and fake. We want you all to relate to us and our posts. So you can believe that what we post whether its music, art, clothes, events to attend, whatever, 95% of the time it’s going to be affordable and accessible. No window shopping here. For that you can go to….

MESH. doesn’t rest on success
Even with the exponential growth and amount of success we’ve experienced since our inception at the beginning of 2009 we refuse to rest and be content. MESH. is constantly thinking of how to improve. We grind just as hard as our readers, and just like our readers we don’t stop. We always go hard. Want someone who gets a lil success and lets it go to their head you can go to…

MESH. is just beginning!
We just started in January and already posting daily view numbers comparable to some blogs who been in the game for a minute. MESH. is quickly gaining respect and recognition. REAL recognizes REAL and the homies are seeing US! This is the beginning. A journey. MESH. has done so much but has so much more to do. We got this and ain’t stopping until we the best, and even then we ain’t stopping!

This train is only going forward and we want you to be here, to make this trip with us.


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